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Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois is the regional headquarters of the worldwide Lubavitch movement. Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois' mission is to carry out the teachings and life’s work of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, OB”M, by reaching out to every Jew and helping them to connect to themselves, their heritage, the Jewish community, and the Creator.


(By Mordecai baron - scanning photograph taken by Mordecai baron, CC BY 3.0,


Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois supports and guides the more than 50 Chabad centers throughout Illinois empowering them to provide spiritual, educational, humanitarian and social services to our brothers and sisters throughout the state. Chabad centers provide: synagogues, pre-schools, day schools, high schools, Hebrew schools, summer camps, prison visitation programs, adult education classes, programs for university students, holiday programming, financial assistance, and more.


Some of the on-site programs and services at the Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois headquarters include:

  • Bais Menachem- named in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The shul’s slogan is “It’s not just a shul, it’s family”. The shul hosts daily services, Shabbos and Yom Tov services, children’s services each week, holiday programs and meals.

  • Women to Women- a woman’s organization which provides weekly classes to women of all ages and backgrounds, women’s programs, lectures, luncheons, and more.

  • Men’s study - there are weekly classes and study groups, and the Rabbis are happy to provide one on one learning with people at their office locations.

  • Marriage workshops for couples; helping young men and women transition into the next stage of their lives.

  • Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois also provides an ‘office away from home’ for the many Chabad Rabbis and Rebbetzins living in outlying areas who need office space when they travel to Chicago.

  • Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois provides resources, training, classes, and comraderie for the Rabbis and Rebbetzins of the Chabad centers throughout Illinois.

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