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An idea is born

A few years ago, it became evident to a few community minded philanthropists that the home of the Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois headquarters was in need of an upgrade and the idea of building the Dr. Michael S. Maling Chabad of Illinois Headquarters was born. The plan was borne to create a facility modeled after the worldwide headquarters- known universally as ‘770 Eastern

‘770’ has served as a synagogue, yeshiva, assembly hall for farbrengens, and offices for the Lubavitcher Rebbes and various services of Chabad since 1940. It has been expanded and added to many times to accommodate the growing movement.

To date, there are over a dozen replicas in Israel and the Diaspora. We are grateful and proud to say that with the Dr. Michael S. Maling Chabad of Illinois Headquarters, Chicago will have one


The architect

Our building is designed by the prestigious architectural firm of Morgante Wilson. Owner and proprietor Fred Wilson is personally designing and overseeing the project. This firm has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and are recipients of numerous prestigious architectural awards. Click here to learn more about our architect.

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